LYEINANI is a clothing brand that started because of you. We set up programs that creates revenue, increase social engagement, and promote one’s self-brand.  Whether one wants to start cosplaying or visiting conventions, the expenses of fulfilling one's dream and passion are expensive. Our community has the ability to help support creators and cosplayers just as much as you supported us.

LYEINANI Affiliate Program


LYEINANI is a lifestyle apparel brand which started as a personal brand in June of 2020. Our message caters primarily to the empowerment of women through the core fundamentals of self-love, self-care, fearlessness, hard work, alignment, supporting other women, and living a life that means true happiness for us. We focus on revamping the definition of womenswear when associating with animation, games, and lifestyle trend. It’s time for a change where we fill in the gaps in the fashion industry and dress accordingly for all occasion – not only casual wear.

Affiliates will be reviewed for approval and ranked accordingly. From there, individuals will be evaluated into tiers in receiving certain benefits.

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LYEINANI x Guest Designer Collaboration 

LYEINANI is a brand that focus on revamping the definition of womenswear when associating with Japanese animation, video games, and pop culture trends. LYEINANI embraces collaborations with guest designers to create mini collections to be sold alongside their regular offering. This enables the buzz of the project to be built up and marketed to both the brand and their guest designer’s followers, overlapping their reach and all the while promoting an innovative new idea. Working with LYEINANI from a different discipline to your own can be a really effective way to broaden skills and at the same time make a new product.

Questions Collaborators should consider?
1. How relevant is your social audience to the campaign subject matter?
2. What is the size of the potential audience that is likely to support the product?
3. How engaged is the audience with your brand in general?
If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please contact us.