Exclusive Ribbed Tank Top View Collection

LYEINANI X Ozzyoz Da Vyrus

LYEINANI and Ozzyoz Da Vyrus have unveiled a new luxury bag collaboration that blends avant-garde design with premium craftsmanship. The collection features bold, innovative designs that showcase both brands' unique aesthetics, combining LYEINANI's high-end fashion sense with Ozzyoz Da Vyrus's edgy, artistic style.

The bags are crafted from top-quality materials and designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering a stylish yet practical accessory for fashion-forward individuals. This collaboration pushes the boundaries of luxury fashion, creating pieces that stand out for their distinctive and contemporary appeal.

BLEACH Ribbed Tank Top

The BLEACH anime inspired ribbed tank top by LYEINANI is a stylish and comfortable piece designed for fans of the popular anime series. This tank top features a ribbed texture for a snug fit and enhanced durability. It showcases simplicity from the infamous Espada crew and Shinigami element.

Perfect for casual wear or anime conventions, this tank top blends fandom and fashion seamlessly.


Edward Elric Trenchcoat returns!

The infamous trenchcoat is back with limited quantities. Stay ahead of the trends with this classic piece.

Gummy Gummy Top

This sexy piece is perfect for the upcoming summer. Designed with a flattering silhouette, this piece is sure to turn heads at any summer event.

Anime Gal Cover up Dress

Ideal for beach trips or evening excursions, this cover up dress is a wardrobe essential.

AFRONATION: Faro, Portugal on June 26 - 28

In our first BRAND TRIP, the LYEINANI Team along with Brand Ambassadors attend the largest Afro Festival in the world. We are excited to open up new avenues and fill up spaces as our authentic nerd selves.

As part of the festival's rules and regulations, this bag was designed with compliance in mind. The transparent neon bag has a sexy flair and has over 3 pocket. Make a statement this summer with this show-stopping piece!


LYEINANI is a black-owned business where our production is stationed in New York with a black-owned agency. We will ship directly from our production to your doorstep with the effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Each piece we create is personally creative to ensure its unique style for years to come.

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