About Us


LYEIN ANI is an urban clothing brand that focuses on contemporary styles. Drawing inspiration from anime, pop culture and diverse cultural influences, her collections reflect a full transition from adolescence to adulthood. Lyn is influenced by daily trends and human engagement to create works of art that reflect her passion/personality.

Currently LYEINANI is a limited liability company (LLC), working with independent contractors and manufacturing companies. The company is a black-owned business located in Washington D.C. while its products are nationally and internationally produced and manufactured. Products will be sold via ecommerce and wholesaling. Moreover, LYEINANI’s development is aided by YAO AYEH STUDIOS. 

LYEINANI embodies empowerment, support, and strength with a mission to make each and every individual feel extraordinary and powerful as they inspire to be the very best version of themselves.



Linda’s interest in anime and video games has always played a huge part of her life growing up. It paved the way for her studies in International Business and Global Security Services. Linda studied aboard in Gunma, Japan and Hong Kong at Chinese Hong Kong University.

LYEINANI is a solution focused approach on fashion retail for lifestyle trends. Through research, Linda deduced and concluded that the fashion market lacks options available to women that offered the right support, coverage or style – furthermore inspired by anime and pop culture. As a result, Linda began creating such products by cutting and manipulating clothes to bring her vision to life.

LYEINANI is Linda’s solution to the missing piece in fashion and it has proven to work. Each piece is designed to excite, enhance, and build confidence in its respective market.